Most of the first world owns mobile phones. However, we all use our cameras in the exact way they were built to be used. Phone developers have ever since been searching for disruptive methods of using our phone’s camera, effectively creating our user experience.

SAMSUNG is inviting you to take part in creating the future of mobile photography.

IMAGEINE the world of tomorrow, Today

In the Hackathon, Samsung will have its top neural network experts on-site.

The Hackers will receive real time expert advice and knowledge, from Israel’s elite computer vision scientists to help with anything from low level debugging to high level mathematical advice.



(preferably with experience in Machine Learning, Computer Vision or Image/Signal Processing)



Computer Science,

Math or Physics students or graduates


IMPACT LABS, WeWork Hazerem, HaPelech 7 Tel Aviv




Registration is now closed!


1st Place


for each team member

3rd Place

Samsung Handwatch

2nd Place

Samsung Wireless Speaker

Creative Cooperation

In many social events, such as concerts, we find ourselves capturing moments which are captured by all of the other concert attendees. However, to-date, we know of no use case in which photo sharing is applied for enjoying the photo-produce of the other photographers around us.
We propose “cooperating” for creating new content and means of capturing the magic moments we wish to cherish.

We've collected a few use cases to get you inspired.

Use your imagination: you're not in any way limited to any one of those.


Required outcomes:

Novel, fresh and immersive methods of making more out of our personal mobile phones.

Come up with creative ways

of using your phone's camera.


Creative Sensors

You're welcome to bring your own sensors, e.g. Arduino, or use one of the sensors that we will bring:

You would be surprised if you were to dismantle your phone and count the number of sensors inside it (e.g., camera, gyro, e-health sensor, and more).
In the creative sensors challenge, we would like you to come up with new sensors you would like to add to your phone, for the end goal of creating a new immersive phone usage.

Sensor #1: DVS

The Dynamic Vision Sensor (DVS) solves these problems by using patented technology that works like your own retina. Instead of wastefully sending entire images at fixed frame rates, only the local pixel-level changes caused by movement in a scene are transmitted – at the time they occur [source: Zurich University (UZH)].

Sensor #2: Classified
​A new kind of sensor integrated into an upcoming product. If you think that you know what it is... we can neither confirm nor deny. 

Unsurprisingly, phones are used today for the sole purpose of capturing moments we wish to remember and return to. Moreover, in our Samsung GS series, a dedicated e-health sensor was installed, for measuring our heartbeat.
In the creative uses challenge, we would like you to come up with new methods of employing our phone’s camera. 

Creative Uses

Creative Spaces

Currently, our mobile cameras are almost entirely used on land. Photo shooting in more extreme media (such as underwater photo shoots) usually involve specialized, perhaps ruggedized equipment.
We would like to come up with creative spaces for using our mobile camera, leading to cool results - in air, water or land.

Samsung is creating a new era of continuous innovation, bringing value and contribution to society and creating an ecosystem where developers can enjoy making the most of their talent, creativity and passion.


Samsung is and always will be an engineering company. We love to work with people with a broad set of technical skills, who are ready to tackle some of technology’s greatest challenges, who have the ability to think out of the box and bring the disruptive technologies that will define our future.  


You are invited to join our fascinating journey to create unrivalled products and share our commitment to bring new value to people around the globe.




IMPACT LABS, WeWork Hazerem, HaPelech 7 Tel Aviv


When and where is the hackathon?
March 22-23 2018, at IMPACT LABS, WeWork Hazerem, HaPelech 7 Tel Aviv. We start at 9:00 Thursday and end by 13:00 Friday.

What kind of outcomes are you expecting?
Your entry can be anything between a well-researched presentation and a fully functional demo. We will grade your entry based on judging criteria which can be found in the full FAQ. 

I'm not sure 24 hours are enough. Can I use an existing starting point?

Obviously, the availability of using a pre-trained existing neural network for your Hackathon project depends on the idea which you wish to implement (entries do not have to be based on a neural network).
However, from past Hackathons, we can confidently say that for a lot of novel projects, good starting points may be found online. More resources in the FAQ >>

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